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Changing the Name of an App

It's common to want to change the name of your app, as it will be seen by users, long after you selected the name of the project when you first created it.

It's best to keep an app's name brief, otherwise the name will be truncated below the app icon on the device.

For example, right now, you can see the name of the application I'm working with doesn't fit on a device with a smaller screen size.

First, select the blue project file in the top left corner of the Project navigator in Xcode. You can open the Project navigator using the keyboard shortcut Command-1.

Select the General tab.

In the Display Name field, type the new name for the app.

Next, select the Build Settings tab, then search for Product Name.

We'll double-click on the right, and change this value to the new name as well.

Now build your program.

When it has been installed on the device, you will see that it has the newly specified name.