Russell Gordon

Creating a GitHub Account

04 January, 2021

    First, go to the GitHub account creation page.

    For your username, use the following format:

    • lcs
    • dash
    • first letter of your first name
    • your last name

    For example, if your name is Beyhan Farhadi, your username would be lcs-bfarhadi.

    Set the email address to your LCS email address.

    Choose a secure password – it's best to have your web browser remember the password for you.

    After completing the verification step, choose Create Account.

    NOTE: Since I already have an account at GitHub, and I've used a made up name here, I'm going to use a different username and email address to complete this video.

    On the next page, you can answer the questions as you wish, then choose Complete setup.

    Now you need to verify your email address. Switch to your email account, find the message from GitHub, and choose Verify email address.

    On the What do you want to do first? page, choose Skip this for now.

    Now you are logged in.

    To test your account, log out.

    Now, sign in again. You're all set!