Russell Gordon

Learning Goals for Grade 12

06 January, 2021

    Here are the learning goals for Grade 12 Computer Science (ICS4Ue, AP).

    For all learning goals, we will engage in further discussion.

    Exemplars of suitable evidence for each learning goal will be added as the course unfolds.


    I can identify and correct both logical errors and syntax errors in my code, and employ effective code maintenance techniques such as unit tests, test plans, internal documentation, and user-facing documentation.
    Ontario: A4 / AP CSP: 4, 6


    I can use source control and related project management tools to organize and describe improvements made in a project – including in projects co-authored with other people.
    Ontario: B1 / AP CSP 1


    I understand data types (simple types, collection types, and custom types) and know when to use them as variables or constants in my programs.
    Ontario: A1, A2 / AP CSP: 3


    I can design and implement algorithms that sort, search, and manipulate lists of data – including data in two-dimensional arrays.
    Ontario: A3 / AP CSP: 2


    I understand the concept of abstraction and can apply it (using loops, functions, structures, classes, or other means) to reduce code duplication and make program maintenance easier.
    Ontario: A2, C1 / AP CSP: 3


    I can apply Agile software development principles to design and deliver solutions to authentic problems for an external audience when working individually and within a group.
    Ontario: B1, B2 / AP CSP: 1, 6


    I can analyze algorithms for their effectiveness when solving a given problem and compare the theoretical and practice performance of an algorithm across various scenarios.
    Ontario: C2 / AP CSP: 4


    I can assess initiatives to promote environmental stewardship related to the use of computers, analyse ethical issues in the computing industry, and propose strategies to encourage responsible development of computer hardware and software.
    Ontario: D1, D2 / AP CSP 5


    I can analyse the impact of computing innovations (including but not limited to artificial intelligence, cryptography, augmented reality) on our society and economy.
    Ontario: D3, D4 / AP CSP: 5


    I can maintain a public-facing portfolio of my work in this class to facilitate applications to post-secondary programs of study and summer employment.
    Ontario: D4