Russell Gordon

Learning Goals for Grade 11

06 January, 2021

    Here are the learning goals for Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3Ue, pre-AP).

    For all learning goals, we will engage in further discussion.

    Exemplars of suitable evidence for each learning goal will be added as the course unfolds.


    I can identify and correct both logical errors and syntax errors in my code.
    Ontario: A4 / AP CSP: 4


    I can use source control to organize and describe improvements made in my projects.
    Ontario: A4 / AP CSP 6


    I understand data types (including simple types and collection types) and know when to use them as variables or constants in my programs.
    Ontario: A1 / AP CSP: 3


    I can design and implement algorithms using control structures to obtain desired results in my programs.
    Ontario: A2, B3 / AP CSP: 2


    I understand the concept of abstraction and can apply it to reduce code duplication and make program maintenance easier.
    Ontario: A3, B2 / AP CSP: 3


    I can apply Agile software development principles to design and deliver solutions to authentic problems for an external audience.
    Ontario: B1, B4 / AP CSP: 1, 6


    I am proficient at using my computer to organize local files and can use the features of Xcode to, among other things, debug logical errors and access developer documentation.
    Ontario: C2, C3 / AP CSP 4


    I can identify computer components and make recommendations for hardware purchases based upon a user’s stated requirements and a manufacturer’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
    Ontario: C1, D1 / AP CSP 5


    I can describe a computing innovation (in artificial intelligence, cryptography, augmented reality, or other areas), comment upon legal and ethical implications, and consider more generally the social impacts of computing.
    Ontario: D2 / AP CSP: 5


    I can maintain a public-facing portfolio of my work in this class to facilitate applications to post-secondary programs of study and summer employment.
    Ontario: D3